About Angelo Kreuzberger

Angelo Kreuzberger was born in 1987 in Vienna as a son of two artists. Due to his parents being artists, his mother a singer and his father a portrait painter, he was born with an artist’s mind. Always in search of new adventures and knowledge, he discovered, probably also by his social dedication, distant parts of the world. At the age of 19 he spent one month in Nigeria for the first time. He lived there with friends in very moderate however fascinating circumstances. There he learnt what it means to make the best of every day. Ever since this life-changing experience he is at least in one far away country every year, where he learns about the diversity and common characteristic of people in most different manners. Always included is the photo camera and if possibly a video camera, to capture the moments around him. Not only travelling follows his guiding principle “learning by doing”. Angelo Kreuzberger´s professional life was and is basically based upon this principle. Therefore, at the age of 24 he has already gathered experience in many areas of working, like acting, real estate sales and real estate marketing, architecture-visualisation software, direct marketing, financial services, associations, layouting as well as web design and he understands each new challenge as a chance to improve his abilities. The passion to web design and graphics layout was inspired by his life companion Barbara Alli. As a professional dancer and singer she needed an impressive website which he then implemented for her, noted well without any previous knowledge. This website met huge approval and motivated him to learn more about the subject of “Websites”. Angelo Kreuzberger puts a main focus on a clear communication and at the same time attractive design, linked with the modern marketing possibilities of social media like Facebook, Twitter und else. Something that is, however, still much more important for the owner of the website: The customer can control the contents of the webpage even after the creation and can change it in a quite easy manner according to own imaginations.