What can a website of Angelo Kreuzberger do?


Individual design: You decide how your web site should look like. Together we will find a way of implementing your imaginations.

Content Management System (CMS): With the help of the CMS you can easily carry out changes of your website on your own (training included!). You do not depend on the web designer to add news or changes to your site at any time.

Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO): Improvement of your website for searching machines (Google etc.).


Social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more can be completely connected with your website and thus lead to more interaction between you and your potential buyer or customers. With only a few “clicks”, visitors  can share the contents of your website with their friends on social networks.

Photo- and video gallery: Show photos and videos of events, products and so forth on your website. This makes your site even more interesting.

Weblog (Blog): A “Weblog” is basically a diary on the internet. This you can use at will. For example for news, events, discussions etc. If you want, your visitors can answer to it directly. You can also decide which answersshould become visible on your website.

Multilingualism: You want to present your website in different languages= Even that is possible.

Search function: Often one does not find what he is looking for at first “click”. Therefore it is important to have the search function for your visitors.

Newsletter: Visitors can register themselves directly on your site for your newsletter.

 Contact form: A very easy to fill in contact form where you predefine which questions should or must be answered.

…And a lot more! To talk about your wishes and ideas please use the contact form!

Consultation and service:

  • Domain (www.yourname.com) and web hosting: To have the right supplier with suitable offers and prices is very important. Sometimes it takes a while to find the right web hosting package or the best offer for the domain and web hosting. It´s my pleasure to help you find the right offer.
  • What you should pay attention to in creating my own website and it´s contents? I am happy to also help you with that question. What you should focus on: who is my target group? What is the best way to contact them?
  • Maintenance and service of the website: If you don´t have enough time to renew the content of your website or rather leave it to somebody else to deal with, this is also possible as additional service.

Logo, business cards, Flyers etc.:

  • Logo: It is important to have a professional logo for the design of the website. If you don´t have one yet we should start with that. In addition to that a suitable slogan should get us to a solid base of oprations.
  • Business cards and flyers: Business cards and flyers are still very important advertising materials. With that you basicaly promote your “online business card”, your web site.

Here you can find already made websites by Angelo Kreuzberger