WHY Websites:

How long has it been before the age of websites, until somebody was actually well informed about a person or any business? Today one can even search the internet for websites on his Smartphone or tablet quite fast, while being out and about. Your website is more than just information in the World Wide Web. It is a possibility for many people to get an idea of you, your product or company, before they even meet you in person. A professional web site nowadays is indispensable for most of the parts in the business world. Products and services today are primarily searched and found on the Internet. The better your web site, the higher is the chance that your site gets chosen and you can begin a business with the prospective client. Of course there is still much more to professional marketing of a business. At this, a total concept is to be considered from the outset. Flyers, business cards, the use of social networks and other advertisement are as important. For all these areas it´s a pleasure for “Webdesign Angelo” to be available for you with consultation and implementation.

To change and administer the contents of your own website (without help of a web designer)

There are many considerations on the subject of websites. First and foremost if one actually does not like to deal all too much with that subject, it is possible to postpone the project of “own web page”. Maybe you already heard about the fact that, even after the production of the web page, other costs can result if one wants to change even small text parts or add pictures because you are dependent on the web designer. Moreover one would have to hope for the fact that the web designer would swiftly implement the changes. You do not like that? No problem! If you receive your finished web page, you will be trained on how you can easily change the contents of your own web page.


The big difference is a so called “CMS” (short for Content Managagement system). Quickly explained, this system makes the realization of changes in the web page for the owner almost as easy as changing a text in a Word document. Such CMS programs have thereby made themselves very popular and modern web pages are, to the joy of their owners, more and more often based on such systems. A web page of “Weddesign Angelo” is basically based on a CMS program which will certainly satisfy you more. Currently we recommend the use of “Word Press”, because it is very simple to be used and very much favored by Google. Also other systems, for example Joomla and Drupal can be used. Continue: benefits of a webpage of Angelo Kreuzberger